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    :: Diversity of chemistry demands special solutions ::


We are a team of highly qualified chemists developing successfully polymers and organic fine chemicals for micro- and nanolithography, sensors, toxicological analysis and special optical applications. We combine 25 years of scientific experience and no matter which market area your request is touching: We accept your challenge and if we really would reach our limits we would be able to recommend someone else.
Please contact us and take advantage of our knowledge. It is our passion to elaborate concepts for the synthesis of new target molecules and to prove the feasibility in milligram-, gram- and larger scale.



Institut für Dünnschichttechnologie und Mikrosensorik e.V.
Kantstraße 55 – Haus I
D - 14513 Teltow
Telefon: +49 33 28 33 46 0
Fax: +49 33 28 33 46 10
E-Mail: info@idm-teltow.de


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